How teachers can make extra money

Q. I was listening to your national radio show and a teacher called in to ask how she could work from home. You said some teachers are making over $100,000 selling things online. Please tell me more!

A: Skilled teachers have found a whole new marketplace, thanks to a website that specializes in educational content. Its the perfect place for teachers who create lesson plans to sell them to others. Just remember: Cataloging your lesson plans and quizzes will not necessarily make you money. You still have to think like a savvy businessperson to entice online customers. But the platform is an astonishing way for teachers to exchange teaching tools and make a buck in the process. Click here to learn more and get started.

Animal live streaming

Q. I miss April the Giraffe. Are there other live streams I might enjoy?

A: When it comes to adorable animals, picture books cant possibly rival live footage of a baby giraffe. Animal Adventure Park took the world by storm with its 24-hour feed of April and her ungulate family. So where else can you watch animals eat, snuggle and lick the camera lens? There actually are several live streams you can access for free. Most of them take place in manmade reserves, just like Aprils, so the cameras should capture the critters at any given moment. Granted, these penguins and bears arent always active, but wildlife fans will love watching them in real time. Click here for five new live streams you can watch.

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